taking inspiration from chiptune, rhythm game soundtracks, and “kawaii” culture, i make music filled with high energy edm drops and expressive composition!disuko was started in 2019, and I aim to share and express my sense of self with the world through music.
lilypad tea (w/ wave meow)
Interdimensional Ice Cream Parlor Album
Sendoff (Disuko's Pandaflip)
Bubble Tea (Disuko Remix)
BIG SHOT (Disuko's HYP3RL1NK BL0CK3D Remix)
Dino Hop (Spectrum Compilation)
Celestial Ballad (thank you for 1k on youtube)
Bridge In The Woods (EP)
I also occasionally do DJ sets! I use a DJ controller to mix music I enjoy, and also play live version of my own music using MIDI controllers and Ableton Live.
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