Angelo Licavoli
Hi! I’m Angelo, and I’m an enthusiast for everything having to do with digital technology. I’m currently studying Immersive Media, Music Technology, and Film & Digital Media Production at Chatham University. I also release music, YouTube videos, and make art under the online alias “Disuko.” In my work, my main goal is sharing the truest form of myself—whether that’s through electronic music, cinematography, or 3D artwork. At the core of my work is using digital technology to share that inexplicable emotion that comes about when listening to your favorite song, watching your favorite movie, or being “in the zone” doing something you love. Much of my work uses bright pastel colors, cute aesthetics, and fun concepts to share positivity with the world. If you would like to reach out, consider my email or by checking out one of the many social media platforms I’m active on!
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